The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Edited by Orrey McFarland, R. David Nelson, and David Yeago

***Papers delivered at the 2018-2019 Braaten-Benne Lectures

Sponsored by the North American Lutheran Church


The Person of the Holy Spirit

  1. “Robert W. Jenson’s Doctrine of the Holy Spirit” by Matthew Burdette
  2. “Filioque Piety: The Holy Spirit in the Triune Life” by Maurice Lee
  3. “The Holy Spirit in Luther’s Catechisms” by Mark C. Mattes
  4. “‘The Lord is the Spirit’: The Person of the Holy Spirit in the Letters of Paul” by Orrey McFarland
  5. “Scripture’s Witness to the Holy Spirit” by Kathryn Schifferdecker

The Work of the Holy Spirit

  1. “The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life” by Robert Benne
  2. “How the Holy Spirit Disappeared in Lutheranism” by Paul R. Hinlicky
  3. “The Work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament” by Craig S. Keener
  4. “Trinity, Soteriology, and the Work of the Holy Spirit: Developments in Catholic Theology since the Reformation” by Matthew J. Levering

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