The Christian Faith: A Catechism for the Curious

by Eric M. Riesen


In this book Pastor Eric M. Riesen has written a highly engaging introduction to the Christian faith, that should interest both seekers and Christians who want to better understand and deepen the faith they confess.

In it he raises some of the basic questions of life that contemporary people really ask. Then he discusses them, drawing on his own life experiences, his many years of pastoral experience, and his wide reading in books old and new, religious and secular. But the questions and discussion are not an end in themselves. He calls this book a “catechism” because it is a book of questions and answers. Christian teaching gives particular answers to many of life’s questions, and this book assumes that the curious really want to know what those answers are.

Pastor Riesen is a pastor of the North American Lutheran Church and a member of its Joint Commission on Theology and Doctrine.

Praise for this book from a distinguished colleague:

I cannot think of a more winsome short introduction to the life of faith in its depths and fullness than this little catechism. It is written for Lutherans but is well-suited for all “mere” Christians.

— Gerald McDermott, Anglican Chair of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School

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