The Lake Louise and Jasper Commission Reports

In the ALPB books, the Banff (SOLD OUT) and Jasper Commissions were asked to give a truly scriptural, confessional, ecumenical and prophetic word to pastors and congregations who wished to remain faithful in their life and proclamation, as well as to minister effectively to every community, including those with orientations other than heterosexual. The participants spoke the truth with boldness and with clarity.

These two significant books came about as a result of the ministry of Ascension Lutheran Church in Calgary, Canada. The congregation authorized their Pastor, K. Glen Johnson, to establish an international ecumenical commission to analyze the current theological morass that confronts the Lutheran and other churches of our day with particular reference to the same sex-debate and the turmoil and division that are occurring at every level of the church’s life.

The Jasper Commission and The Lake Louise Commission books are now available in a package set for a significant discount.

The second book, THE JASPER COMMISSION,the focus is hands on ministry and witness to the gay community. Here Commission participants were asked to “determine how the church can, both in love and respect for this community, and in faithfulness to the Word of God and it’s teaching, conduct a faithful and effective ministry to those in that community.”

Commission members whose papers appear in the second report are Phillip E. Gagnon, Pastor of St. Albert Lutheran Church, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada; Joseph Nicolosi, Licensed Psychologist and Founder and Clinical Director of the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino, CA; Lee Griffin, Retired Psychiatrist who taught Pastoral Care at Wartburg and Luther Theological Seminaries; Merton P. Strommen, Founder of Search Institute and a Fellow in the American Psychological Association; Victor Mollerup, Psychiatrist with over thirty years of experience in hospital and community practice; and James A. Nestingen, Retired Professor of Church History at Luther Seminary.

The members of the LAKE LOUISE COMMISSION were called upon to speak to our time and to allow brother Martin Luther to also speak God’s Word through these commission presentations on God’s design for marriage and the family. Commission convener K. Glen Johnson called this collection “A 21st Century Addendum To Luther’s Catechisms.”

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