Preaching and Teaching the Law and Gospel of God

Edited by Carl E. Braaten

 Papers Delivered at the 2012 Theological Conference

Sponsored by Lutheran CORE and NALC, August 15-16, 2012

at Calvary Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, Minnesota


Law and Gospel: The Hallmark of Classical Lutheranism

Rev. Dr. Carl E. Braaten

A Reformed Account of the Law-Gospel Distinction

Rev. Dr. Michael S. Horton

Law and Gospel: Separators, Confusers, and Preachers

Rev. Dr. Steven D. Paulson

Law and Gospel since Vatican II

Rev. Dr. Jared Wicks, S. J.

Did Luther Get Paul Right on Justification?

Dr. Stephen Westerholm

Law, Gospel, and the Beloved Community

Rev. Dr. Paul R. Hinlicky

The Third Use of the Law: Freedom and Obedience in the Christian Life

Rev. Dr. Piotr J. Malysz

A Resurrection Hermeneutic: Law and Gospel in Preaching and Worship

Rev. Dr. Amy C. Schifrin

Preaching Law and Gospel

Rev. Dr. J. Larry Yoder

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