No Other Name: Salvation through Christ Alone

Edited by Carl E. Braaten

 Papers Delivered at the 2011 Theological Conference

Sponsored by Lutheran CORE and NALC, August 10-11, 2011

at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church Columbus, Ohio




Bishop John Bradosky

Introduction: Salvation Today

Rev. Dr. Carl E. Braaten

The Uniqueness and Universality of Jesus Christ

Rev. Dr. Gerald McDermott

Calling Lutherans Back to the Evangelistic Task

Rev. Dr. Berhanu Ofga’a

Engaging in Politics, Yes; Politicizing the Church, No!

Dr. Robert Benne

The Lutheran Legacy in the World-wide Church

Rev. Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson

Orthodoxy at Stake: An Ecumenical Symposium

An Anglican Perspective

The Rt. Rev. Ray Sutton

A Reformed Perspective

Rev. Dr. Joseph Small

The Future of Orthodoxy

Rev. Dr. James Nestingen

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