A Little Book Of Canons: Eucharistic Prayers for Times and Seasons

by Rod L. Ronneberg, STS


“Pastor Rod Ronneberg has produced this collection of Canons or Eucharistic Prayers for use in the liturgy, and in doing so has done a great service for the church, both Lutheran and ecumenical. These contributions to the worship of God’s people will serve both to praise God more graciously and shape the Christian community more faithfully. . . . The use of these canons has enriched the worship life of the congregations I have had the privilege of serving and I commend them to other parish pastors who would, I believe, find their congregations nurtured and nourished with this wonderful gift found in this Little Book of Canons.”

(Patrick J. Rooney, STS, Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, York, PA)

Paper, 8″ x 10″, 116 pages, $10.00 + postage

Purchasers of the book who would like a copy of the canons themselves in MS Word doc format for their own use and for use in their churches can send Pastor Ronneberg an email requesting the canons in digital form and telling him where you bought or otherwise acquired your copy of the book.

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