What's Wrong with Local Option by Pr. Nancy Curtis

Started by Richard Johnson, December 18, 2004, 09:48:00 AM

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How can anyone "bless" that which God condemns? Blessing a house is not the same as blessing a gay or lesbian union, and therefore their sexual union. A pastor can only bless that which God blesses. What God condemns, cannot be blessed.

Steven Tibbetts

QuoteUnder our present policy, officiating at such a blessing cannot be grounds for disciplining a pastor.

Don't be so sure about that, Brian.  The Scriptures and the Confessions give such grounds, as do our ordination and installation vows.

Immediately after the Greater Milwaukee Synod approved same-sex "blessings," reports the September 2000 issue of Forum Letter, then Bishop John Beem of the East-Central Synod of Wisconsin sent a 4 1/2 page letter to the synod's clergy.  

"He frankly warned pastors they would find no support and no sympathy from him if one of them chose to conduct a same-sex blessing.  'I will not defend you.  In fact, I will publicly disagree with your action.'  Just in case there was any lingering doubt about it he declared, 'I make clear that such an action...would quickly become a public matter.'"

Granted, not precisely a threat/promise to file charges.  But a threat/promise nonetheless that perfoming such a service would have a negative impact upon a pastor's continued service.  Bishop Beem thought he had grounds to do so.  So do I.

The Rev. Steven Paul Tibbetts, STS
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John A. Theiss

Might be nice to hear from some LC-MS types on how well local option re: women's sufferage has impacted the sense of oneness in that church body.

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