Life in Quarantine: One man's reflections

Started by Charles Austin, March 26, 2020, 12:19:47 PM

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James S. Rustad

Quote from: Charles Austin on April 20, 2022, 05:48:14 PM
Was it the Easter Sunday service? Or the family gathering the day before?
Probably the latter because I and six others who were there have felt unwell and at least three of us - including this humble correspondent - have tested positive.
I am now confined to the apartment for the next five days. Feeling some chills and tiredness, some coughs, but no fever.

My hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery are with you.

Pete Garrison
RC Catechist

Charles Austin

Thank you.
The weird thing is that I don't feel very sick. But of course the quarantine is not for me, it is to make sure that others - some of whom might be more vulnerable - are not put in danger.
So we wait to see if the virus gets a grip on me or if - after five days - I am not a threat to anyone.
Life with the pandemic. Flying? (I wish I were) wear a mask.
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David Garner

Prayers ascend for a speedy recovery Pastor Austin.  I had it in early February and it was a very mild case all things considered.  I hope yours is as well.
Orthodox Reader and former Lutheran (LCMS and WELS).

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