Author Topic: Full inclusion through grace and standards for leaders  (Read 7459 times)

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Re: Full inclusion through grace and standards for leaders
« Reply #45 on: August 16, 2007, 12:37:04 AM »
Yes, they do.  They have to make the request and usually write an essay/paper to explain why they believe they should be granted the exemption.  The bishop, in conversation with the Synod Council and Presiding Bishop, makes the decision, which is final.  Sometimes the exemptions are granted, sometimes not.    Also, I would say that there are certain synods where the exemption is almost guaranteed and other synods where the bishop is really opposed to granting any exceptions.  But, however the ordination occurs, all newly ordained are placed on the one clergy roster.
Do we not need to have some kind of indication of those exceptional ordinations for the sake of our Episcopalian partners. Lutheran clergy with the exceptional ordinations would not be permitted to preside at Episcopalian tables as I understand CCM. (My hunch is that a Lutheran candidate who sought the exception wouldn't want to preside at an Episcopalian table.)
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