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Re: Bible Translations
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Steven and Don, I'm not so sure. I have the print edition of The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes companion volume to the CPH The Lutheran Study Bible: English Standard Version. On the copyright page it notes, "The Apocrypha is adapted from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible and Apocrypha copyright 2009 by Oxford University Pres, Inc., New York, NYU 10016." All quotations from the regular Bible in the notes are from the ESV, but apparently not the actual text of the Apocrypha.

It is my understanding that the ESV translation team did not create a translation of the Apocrypha. If one is included, it comes from another source.

From what I have gathered about the ESV.

Originally published by Crossways in 2001
Revised in 2007, 2011, and 2016.

Oxford published the ESV with the Apocrypha in 2009. The following is part of the description of it on Amazon:

The English Standard Version Bible with the Apocrypha, for which the Apocrypha has been commissioned by Oxford University Press, employs the same methods and guidelines used by the original translators of the ESV, to produce for the first time an ESV Apocrypha. This will be the only ESV with Apocrypha available anywhere, and it includes all of the books and parts of books in the Protestant Apocrypha, the Catholic Old Testament, and the Old Testament as used in Orthodox Christian churches. It has a lovely pre-printed case binding, and includes a full-color map section, a table of weights and measures used in the Bible, and many other attractive features.

A Catholic Edition (ESV-CE) with the Deuterocanonical books was published in 2018.

(I haven't been able to discover if they did their own translation of the extra books, or used the translation by Oxford after being checked (and revised?) by Roman Catholic scholars.

An Anglican Edition in 2019.

It seems that the Apocrypha translations were not done by Crossways Bibles who created the original ESV. Although some of their translators might have worked on the Apocrypha for the other publisher(s).
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