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Meaninglessness and self-absorption
« on: October 26, 2021, 10:28:21 AM »

I urge everyone to read this whole article even though it is among the saddest things I have ever read. The author interviews young women in their late teens, twenties, and early thirties about their decision to have irreversible sterilization surgery. What strikes me is the apparent lack of any sense of meaning or the transcendent in the interviewees' lives. They have a vague sense that everything is bad and wrong, usually driven by narratives of global warming and race issues, but that is about as far as the philosophical, moral, or spiritual underpinnings of their thought process go.

Years ago in this forum I caused a stir by claiming that the problem with the environmental movement was that it said people are pollution. This article says that this idea is starting to go mainstream. It is as though non-existence is preferable to life east of Eden. One woman says she'll never have children because her child would be mixed race and might face bullying because of it. Do mixed race children not have lives worth living anyway, even if they sometimes get bullied? It all seems so shallow, so self-absorbed. Meaning comes from not having responsibilities and not contributing to all the ways humanity ruins everything. One young woman was told in college that the fact she was spanked as a child made her fear authority figures. So she vowed never to become an authority figure by having children. Not to have children but not spank them. Not to say that, hey, even having been spanked as a kid my life today is still worthwhile. No, it is cut the fallopian tubes to end the ongoing tragedy of human life.

Social media also allows these movements to snowball. People who (rightly) suspect their feelings and desires are out of sync with natural law can easily find an online community in which their out of sync thoughts and preferences are encouraged rather than challenged by the community around them.

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Re: Meaninglessness and self-absorption
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It's almost as if nihilism has logical ends........
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