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Re: Deaths of Despair
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2021, 07:51:34 AM »
In politics and in the development of opinion, there is a difference between “lying“ and explaining and/or changing positions. If someone doesn’t speak to a particular issue and seems to go along with a certain train of thought, and then later says something more definitive, is that lying?
I was not “lying” when I opposed ordination for women in 1967, and later supported it in 1975.
People might’ve thought I opposed same-sex marriage for many years, because I wrote or said very little about it. Or, I might have opposed it for certain reasons, but then, when it was approved, endorsed it for other reasons.
Mr. Garner seems very eager to insist that former President Obama “intentionally“ lied.

What is he saying that makes you think that? He keeps saying that he believes that saying that Prez O lied is uncharitable.


I forgot to mention the "growth" of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on gay marriage.  Both were against it until the party dragged them to the left.

I'm aware of the view that says "they were always for it, they just thought they couldn't say that politically," but I think mine is the more charitable view.  The other basically says they are liars and cowards.  I merely say they are malleable political actors with a mushy moral center.
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