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Started by ThePaul711, July 22, 2021, 12:03:29 PM

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Good morning, all, and God Bless.

I would first like to thank Pastor Speckhard for approving my account on here. Next, since I can't find a specific section to post an introduction, I'll just post here, as it seems to be the more lively forum section.

I'm Paul Nicolosi, and I attend an ELCA church in Indiana. I've lurked around this forum for many years, as I was always Lutheran-curious. I finally joined the Church of the Augsburg Confession (officially) in 2017. Hoping to get to know you all!
Radical Lutheran (ELCA)


Policy Wonk

D. Engebretson

Welcome to the Forum, Paul!  We look forward to dialoging and interacting with you.  God bless.
Pastor Don Engebretson
St. Peter Lutheran Church of Polar (Antigo) WI

Charles Austin

Glad to see another ELCA member here. Welcome.
Iowa-born. ELCA pastor, ordained 1967. Former journalist. Retired in Minneapolis. English major. Elitist snob? Probably.


Thank you, Pastors. Looks like you guys have quite the lively discussions on here!
Radical Lutheran (ELCA)


Policy Wonk

David Garner

Welcome Paul.  I am a non-Lutheran guest, former Lutheran, but occasional contributor to the discussion here.  I hope you find your time here welcoming and fruitful.
Orthodox Reader and former Lutheran (LCMS and WELS).


Welcome, Paul. Looking forward to your contributions.

Peace, JOHN

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