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Re: Guns, Government. and Gospel
« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2021, 02:33:53 PM »
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Mr. Garner, you need to develop a thicker skin and a kinder attitude. Mr. Teigenís responses were nowhere near as nasty as some of the things that have been leveled against Pastor Stoffreden and myself these recent years. Matter of fact, they werenít nasty at all, they were his honest observations.
I may be the only one here, save for father Slusser, who has actually met Norman. He is even more gentle than this humble correspondent, although he holds strong opinions, those opinions shaped by his life, his family and his involvement with his church. And he is an excellent historian, active in the Minnesota State historical society. We should value his voice here.

Were his voice used to promote anything other than leftist politics, I might value it more.  Were his judgments ever along the lines of Christian theology, I might value them more.  As it is, it's easy for you to value them.  You agree with him.  But even with your agreement, I defy you to find a single shred of Christian theology in the post that began this thread.  I'll even break it down for you:

Mr. Teigen received the June forum letter yesterday (he lives in Hopkins, MN, which may be relevant to that point)
Mr. Teigen thinks an argument made by ELCA Pastor Peter Jonas
This argument was that Pastor Jonas opposes a sanctuary city for the Second Amendment
Mr. Teigen thinks the still-unstated argument is well-written and persuasive
Mr. Teigen is happy the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution did not pass
Pastor Jonas' un-stated reasoning is worthy of an award, though of what sort Mr. Teigen appears to be unaware
Pastor Speckhard's response to Pastor Jonas' article is "tepid and unenlightened," though again Mr. Teigen appears to either not know or not wish to say why, and leaves Pastor Speckhard himself unnamed in this criticism
We are invited to go to a link at the ELCA website that gives a 404 error to read more on "Sanctuary"

You think I need a thicker skin and a kinder attitude.  That is probably so, though you need a mirror in the worst possible way.  But I would love to see you point out the substance of this post beyond "I don't like guns, I endorse an article written to oppose their protection, and I think people who disagree are not particularly bright."

And if that's all there is, I'll say again, mods, behavior, not content, is the issue.  You said don't discuss politics.  This post is 100% politics and political sniping.

Unless we want to include the part about Forum Letters being lost in the mail going to suburban Minneapolis.  That seems on point.

The correct link, (I think,) is:

Mr. Tiegen attended Bethany Lutheran High School (which closed in 1969) and Bethany Lutheran College. These are schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod - a church body not known for liberalism.

First of all, itís Teigen as in Bjarne Teigen, his father (1909-2004.) But Norman ainít no Bjarne!
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Re: Guns, Government. and Gospel
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My June FL arrived today. A week after I got the July issue.
Retired ELCA pastor. Iowa born. Back home from Sioux City after three days and a pleasant reunion of the East High School class of - can you believe it! - 1959.

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Re: Guns, Government. and Gospel
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I want to clear up a common misconception.  Teigen Hall on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato MN is not named in honor of Norman Teigen, who currently resides in Hopkins MN.  Teigen Hall is named for Bjarne Teigen who faithfully served many years in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.   
Norman Teigen