George Herbert and all thing ALPB-ish and Evangelical-Catholic

Started by peter_speckhard, July 21, 2021, 04:44:40 PM

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I cannot recommend highly enough the book George Herbert by Stanley Stewart. Even if poetry isn't your thing, this book covers a host of issues and controversies that beset the 17th Century and still resonate today. All of the Puritan vs. Crypto-Catholic arguments still live on, and Herbert explained and lived an excellent answer. He was part of the Little Gidding community that so inspired T.S. Eliot in the 20th Century. At the very least, I would think any member or sympathetic non-member of the Society of the Holy Trinity should consider this required reading.

Michael Slusser

One can also read George Herbert's poetry itself. It nearly always feeds meditation. I agree that it is ALPB-ish and Evangelical-Catholic.


From LBW, #513: "Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life," for example.
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Charles Austin

George Herbert is a long-time favorite-of many seeking evangelical Catholic reform. English majors were also taught that his poetry was of considerable import for English literature of the time and for subsequent generations of poets.
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J. Thomas Shelley

I love George Herbert's A Priest to the Temple: or The Country Parson, his character and Rule of Life

Many chapters are calls to self-examination and metanoia.
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