Author Topic: Does this theology cause harm?  (Read 1114 times)

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Re: Does this theology cause harm?
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Padre Dave, it is a joy to know of your multi-vocational life.
Decades  ago, after a ride with a cousin in South Dakota ( she was a competitive rider; I was trying to impress her), a horse threw me. I got back on and at the end of the ride he kicked me, hard. Made a deal that day with all the horses in the world: I wonít bother you, you donít hurt me.

There were a number of years during my ELCA days (and my now 30-some son's elementary school days) when almost every Friday night was spent feeding and milking the cattle at a parishioner's dairy farm.

Having a 3-great grandfather who was kicked to death by a runaway horse kept me very conscious of the hooves in the tie-stall barn; and I quickly learned to recognize that a slightly raised tail was a sign of an impending discharge....and not of milk!

The high point of those year had to be the year when I was asked to please do the evening milking (earlier than normal) on Great and Holy Saturday...then ran home, showered, and celebrated the Great Paschal Vigil.  The Genesis lesson and the Canticle of the Three Holy Youths had new layers of meaning:

"All you beasts of the earth and cattle...praise Him and exalt Him forever!"
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