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O merciful Jesus, You have come to seek and to save what was lost. I thank You that through Your protection and Your grace I have been permitted once more to reach this holy season. Grant me the strength of Your Holy Spirit that I may spend this time in Your fear, in holy meditations, and to the edifying of my soul. Everlasting Son of God, who was before the foundations of the world were laid, You came in the flesh and were made a true man, in order to make us happy and to save us. On account of our grievous fall into sin we could not come to You in heaven, so You came to us on earth to lead us all to life everlasting. Through sin we had become aliens, yes, prisoners of Satan and enemies of God. But by Your most holy Advent all our losses are made good. O grace abounding! Love unspeakable! For Your sake, O Jesus, the strangers are made friends, the prisoners set free, the enemies of God are made His beloved, sinners become His children, and the fallen are raised. O holy Advent, by which we who were condemned to death obtain life, by which we who were fallen from grace are clothed with glory and honor on Your account. For this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.—Starck’s Prayer Book, p. 50

May your Advent-tide be blessed indeed, people loved by God!

Love caused Your incarnation;
Love brought You down to me.
Your thirst for my salvation
Procured my liberty.
Oh, love beyond all telling
That led You to embrace
In love, all love excelling,
Our lost and fallen race. LSB 334:4
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