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Re: Results of First Ballot
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Actually, I believe for the Pope it is three-fourths.

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Re: Results of First Ballot
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Benedict XVI announced this summer that he was restoring this historic (3/4) proportion for the next conclave.  When he was elected, it was 2/3...

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Re: Results of First Ballot
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I'm pretty sure this wasn't the ALC practice, but I don't know about the LCA. I kind of think it is new to the ELCA, but I'm not sure. But it is similar to some other denominations, such as the UMC.

The ecclesiastical ballot was used in the LCA to elect the President/Bishop of the LCA and the Synods.  As in the ELCA, the first ballot was a nominating ballot.  Every LCA pastor under the age of 67 was eligible and 75% was required for election.  The field was then narrowed and the percentage gradually reduced as in the ELCA, though I couldn't tell you if it was the same ratios.

It was common enough for us that I remember, as a child, that our congregation Call Committee was elected by ecclesiastical ballot.

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