Author Topic: Some people are just a little thick  (Read 579 times)

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Some people are just a little thick
« on: July 06, 2020, 06:01:16 PM »
Yesterday afternoon we got a text from a friend: "We just heard there's a grass fire on your street, are you OK?" This time of year we rush outside anytime we hear an airplane, just to be sure we don't see any smoke nearby. So out we went. No sign of smoke, no smell of smoke, no airplanes or sirens. But just to be sure, we jumped in the car and drive up the street (our street is a loop of perhaps half a mile). Sure enough, up the street a ways (though really quite close to our house as the crow flies), fire trucks and a collection of neighbors on the street. By that time the fire was out, and the homeowner was still out there with a hose. Turns out he had been smoking some meat over the weekend. He let the coals sit overnight, then, thinking they were cool, dumped them on the ground. Several hours later some wind came up (as it does in this spot, oh, virtually every single day), and the wind fanned the coals and the fire started. By some miracle, a bicyclist happened to ride by and saw the flames, and pounded on the door; the man grabbed his hose and his wife called 911. The fire was stopped a few feet short of a large pile of wood chips and a tree that is pretty close to dead. It could easily have been a disaster.

Whatever made this guy think this was an acceptable thing to do? We live in an extremely high fire risk area, and it's the middle of summer. The signs all read "Fire danger: high." It doesn't take much for one person's carelessness or cavalier "well, I'm not worried, doesn't apply to me" to risk the health and safety of an entire community.

Consider it a parable.
The Rev. Richard O. Johnson, STS