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Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Started by Dan Fienen, July 03, 2020, 05:14:25 PM

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Dan Fienen

Periodically, the issue of Christians eating shellfish comes up in these discussions. Saw an amusing Lutheran Satire video on the topic.

Some years back, I tried a recipe for 007 Shrimp on my smoker. It was bacon wrapped shrimp marinated in a vermouth marinade and smoked.
Pr. Daniel Fienen

Brian Stoffregen

We also need to be clear that Gentiles were never obligated to follow the Jewish dietary laws, except the one food one listed below, or many of the other 613 commands in the Torah. These seven are seen as given by God to Adam or Noah before the covenant with Abraham, when God was dealing with all humankind and had not yet chosen Abraham and his offspring as "The Chosen People."

The Laws:
  1.     Do establish laws.
  2.     Don't curse God.
  3.     Do not practice idolatry.
  4.     Do not engage in illicit sexuality.
  5.     Do not participate in bloodshed.
  6.     Do not rob.
  7.     Do not eat flesh from a living animal.

Not eating bacon-wrapped shrimp is not one of the laws Gentiles need to obey. Neither is not working on the Sabbath Day nor circumcision. Why, then, was circumcision for the Gentile converts such an issue in the early church? Exodus 12:48 says: "If an immigrant who lives with you wants to observe the Passover to the LORD, then he and all his males should be circumcised. Then he may join in observing it. He should be regarded as a native of the land. But no uncircumcised person may eat it." (CEB) Since, Holy Communion grew out of a Passover Meal, it's understandable why some Jews might consider circumcision necessary; just as most Christians today consider baptism necessary before one can participate in the Holy Meal.
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