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Re: Coronavirus news
« Reply #6315 on: August 04, 2022, 09:53:29 PM »
Now that the vax is available for kids 5 years old and younger, 5% of that eligible demographic have gotten shots.


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Re: Coronavirus news
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I'm finishing my second week of dealing with COVID-19.  Received it most likely at the Atlantic District Convention, carried it back to Queens and Brooklyn, distributed it to my wife, and have had quite a strong bout of it.  Because of my "co-morbidities" (a nasty term, no?) I was deemed a candidate for the Remdesivir infusions.  They are at this time only available on an out-patient basis at two hospitals in the area, usually being reserved for in-patient folks who are not doing well. 

The treatment pattern is to enter the Emergency Room, identify as a COVID patient, get shuttled to a far corner with other coughing, wheezing oldsters and wait.  After a time we gradually migrated to another waiting room just for us inside the Emergency area, where we could complain and trade symptoms and stories for a few hours before the infusions arrived.  The infusions take a half hour once administered and then an hour or two of additional waiting for discharge.  The process is wash, rinse, repeat three times. 

Reactions -
a) the hospital staff was completely amazing from stem to stern, dedicated, professional, and helpful.  This was a Roman Catholic hospital, St. Francis, with a huge reputation for heart care.  But overall, fantastic in the care division. 
b) Mostly but not entirely we patients were oldsters.  Some were health care professionals.
c) Some of those in our group were not doing well with COVID and eventually were admitted - double pneumonia, that kind of thing.
d) Great conversations were held.
e) Remdesivir works, and got me, with manifold symptoms, up and about.  That was good.
f) COVID is not a joke.  I wasn't well, and am still not totally better. 
g) Bonus good thing is that Judy got it from me and has come out of it more quickly; her lack of maximum co-morbidities allowed her the Paxlovid pills, which also worked.
h) Having Vicars was the church solution to my absence, another good thing.
i) At the same time, on the same day as my positive reaction was noted, my brother and sister-in-law's home was burned to the ground down in Hot Springs Village.  Brother Bob is the pastor of the congregation there, and between local folks and his kids, they're moving ahead after what was a total loss including the loss of their two dogs.  God's mercy endures forever.
j) A bad minor thing was that we had tickets to a Mets/Yankees Subway series game last week and couldn't go.  Didn't want to be a superspreader to our own fan base at Citi Field.  But - the Mets won, so a good thing.

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Re: Coronavirus news
« Reply #6317 on: August 30, 2022, 10:41:16 PM »
This thread has dropped to the second page of the "Your Turn" index and has seen no activity since the eve of the Great Feast of the Transfiguration--a very hopeful sign that we may be turning a corner.

Yet another hopeful sign is that Goldman-Sachs announced today that all of their employees are to resume in-office work on the Tuesday after Labor Day with no vaccine verification, testing, temperature checks, or masking (unless mandated by local authorities).

Perhaps, as fortitude and faith displace fear we may, in time, be able to affirm what "someone" posted this evening on

Microbiological entities are created by God to function in the complex web of life that He blesses to proliferate throughout the universe. That some of them, like large carnivores, may affect us men adversely is, I think, on us. Adam could have been a master of life sciences had he remained obedient, but chose to be a doofus, and I suppose this explains why we die of the flu or a sore throat.

Nevertheless, the web of life in which we live by Grace, including the myriad flora and fauna necessary for our temporal health and metabolism inside, in and throughout our bodies, seems providential to our place on Earth and how we relate to it biologically and subtly. Only those who live in painful alienation from their own bodies and the rest of creation can call viruses ad bacteria evil in and of themselves. Those who study the life and physical properties and processes of viruses, fungi and bacteria potentially dangerous to us certainly do not hate them, but often come to admire the ingenuity of their design, the study of which helps disclose the workings of other life forms yielding a deeper appreciation for the beauty (inherent goodness) of creation. One doesn’t have to specifically go to church to cultivate this appreciation, and it is not necessarily pagan worship of nature as such.
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