Author Topic: On the eve of the Lenten Fast  (Read 267 times)

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On the eve of the Lenten Fast
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:01:17 PM »
In the Pennsylwania [sic] Dutch country today is Fastnacht Day, ja?

So it is the eve of the Great Lenten Fast...Ash Wednesday will quite literally mark its beginning for many Western Christians. 

In the Orthodox Church we will begin this coming Monday.   As a final preparation, on Sunday we will serve the Vespers of Forgiveness, mutually asking one another for pardon of all offenses so that we may enter into the holy season in peace.

We are entering the godly contest of the blameless Fast. 
Let us all diligently subdue the flesh through self control. 
Let us seek the Lord with prayers and tears,
and completely deliberate every vice, and shout to Him,
"We have sinned against You.
Save us, as you saved the Ninevites of old, O Christ our King. 
Grant us to share in your heavenly kingdom, O compassionate Lord."

--Stichera from the Vespers of Forgiveness

And in that spirit I ask you: 
Forgive me, brothers and sisters, if in any way I have offended you.
Greek Orthodox-Ecumenical Patriarchate

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