Author Topic: In bondage to sin-- not exactly says Peter Speckhard  (Read 9663 times)


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Re: In bondage to sin-- not exactly says Peter Speckhard
« Reply #165 on: December 16, 2017, 04:48:23 AM »
Thank you Pastor Becker for your so patient and inspiring explanations and your Advent blessing.  The part of "two 'you's", the tense of the verbs in Romans 7 and the total-total status that you mentioned are very helpful. And the Baptism part is comforting in view of my 8-years experiences in the reformed church .

I must continue to wrestle with the puzzlement about Rom 7 and its relation to its context and whole Romans and Pauline epistles. For me Rom 6-8 are the most difficult passages in the whole Scriptures. And the role and wording and theological meaning of Rom 6 are the especially difficult part in view of Rom 7. For example, how should we understand Rom 6:6-8 and its relation to "simul" passage in Rom 7, and so on.

May the guidance of the Spirit of Christ be with us adn guide us into all truth.