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John Martin

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I am talking about moving beyond a shame based approach in reaching outsiders to a compassionate grace based approach that blesses the friendships that gays and lesbians have without blessing their illicit sexual activities. Those who have done effective ministry with gay and lesbians know that it takes years for transformational healing to take place. We know that belonging often takes place before believing when it comes to outreach. What we need to do is set out the welcome mat for gay and lesbians and not make any type of unnecessary social statements that come across to them as hateful and bigoted.

I believe the reason God has allowed the ELCA to be so liberal in respect to gay and lesbian issues (i.e. ordination, etc.), is that the LCMS has shut the door to making the church a grace place of acceptance and love in Christ for gays and lesbians to find healing and transformation.


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John -- Thanks for your very clear explanation of what you were getting at in your previous post.  I not only understand but I think I agree with you.  Our Lord had a knack for calling his followers ot the highest of moral standards while at the same time doing so with gut-wrenching compassion.  We mere mortals don't come by it so easily ... but I guess that's why we undershepherds get the big bucks!  Too easy is the "compassion" that excuses itself from real pastoral care by simply saying: "I love you too much to let you go on in sin -- so repent, change, or go away."         

And Jim, we're on the same page, too, and appreciate your qualification of the marriage parallel I offered.  It was only meant to highlight the "truth pointing/proclaiming" role of the church in both instances.  The scenario you say you'd like to see (if only MA would grant religious exemptions) -- LC-MSers sitting down to with our ELCA partners to discuss the adoption question would not likely prove fruitful, I'm afraid.  From the published statements of the LSS/NE rep. and from what I have heard from those on the LC-MS side already involved in discussing the matter with the ELCA partners, the ELCA partners do not have any problem with MA law as it now stands since they have no problem with placing children with homosexual couples.  They don't want a religious exemption and so I doubt they'd be in a position to end homosexual adoptions even if they were allowed to.