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Edmund Schlink's Ecumenical and Confessional Writings
« on: March 09, 2017, 01:18:49 PM »
Given that this is a forum of the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, I hope those who frequent this site will not be too upset if I give some publicity to a new book on Lutheran theology that I've edited, introduced, annotated, co-translated, and indexed, namely, volume one of the projected six volumes in the Edmund Schlink Works project. Schlink (1903-84) was one of the most important confessional Lutheran theologians of the twentieth century.

Part One of this first volume contains his principal ecumenical writings from the fifties and sixties, when he was a leading member of the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches. Part Two contains his reflections on the Second Vatican Council, where he had been the official observer from the Protestant Church in Germany. He never missed a session during the entire council. This 557-page book is titled Ecumenical and Confessional Writings: The Coming Christ and Church Traditions and After the Council. It was published in January by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Among the essays in the first part are "The Structure of the Dogmatic Statement as an Ecumenical Issue," "The Christology of Chalcedon in Ecumenical Dialogue," "The Expanse of the Church according to the Lutheran Confession," "The Cultus in the Perspective of Evangelical-Lutheran Theology," "Law and Gospel as a Controversial Issue in Theology," "Apostolic Succession," "Christ—The Hope for the World" (which he delivered at the Second Assembly of the WCC in Evanston), "Transformations in the Protestant Understanding of the Eastern Church," "The Significance of Eastern and Western Traditions for Christendom," and "Ecumenical Councils Then and Now."

Among the chapters in the second part, on Vatican II, are: "The Conciliar Awakening of the Roman Church," "The Resolutions of the Council," "The Self-Understanding of the Roman Church," "The Council and the Non-Roman Churches," "The Council and the Non-Christian Religions," "The Council and the World," "Scripture, Tradition, Teaching Office," "Pope and Curia," and "The Mystery of Unity."

For more details, go here: Perhaps you could order this book for your local church-related college library or your congregation's library, or maybe you'll consider giving it as a gift to that special pastor or priest in your circle of friends.

I hope to have volume two, Schlink's 830-page Oekumenische Dogmatik, finished in 2019. Because of the smaller type in this volume, the English translation (which will also include my introduction and annotations) will likely be close to 1000 pages. It is the most substantial and ecumenically significant dogmatics text published in the twentieth century by a Lutheran theologian.

Volume Three will be a new annotated translation of his book on baptism (the major influence on the WCC's BEM document). Volume Four will be an annotated translation of the fourth, completely revised edition of his book on the Lutheran Confessions (Fortress translated the third edition, omitting many footnotes). Volumes Five and Six will contain translations of his sermons, addresses, and other writings (e.g., his essay on a Lutheran theology of music).

Here endeth the commercial.

Matt Becker