Floor committe 17 - Preaching and Church Worker Continuing Education

Started by prsauer, July 13, 2016, 06:49:10 PM

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Steven W Bohler

Quote from: Jeremy Loesch on July 18, 2016, 07:28:33 AM

As for Sunday visitation I heard an interesting idea that would involve a third, larger congregation that had two pastors. One of those pastors would go and preach at the circuit counselor's congregation. That may not be ideal but sometimes there is a greater good to be accomplished. I  know that larger congregations often have multiple services and lots of things happening but I appreciate that the larger churches will share in these special times. We have three churches in our circuit that have multiple pastors and all of them make themselves available when sole pastors are away. And I suppose a vicar could do the job too.


That may work in some places but not in my neck of the woods.  When full, we have 9 pastors, 0 associate/assistant pastors, 0 vicars, 0 retired pastors and 17 congregations.  The nearest associate/assistant pastor, vicar, or retired pastor is nearly 100 miles away -- and is usually already covering a vacancy! 

Jeremy Loesch

Oh yeah. KC is miles different from Delmarva, literally and figuratively. Retired pastors in Delmarva were on the shore, two hours from Newark/Wilmington. It was a challenge to get coverage for sure. There were two retired pastors close by but they weren't options. One was my predecessor and the people were adamant that he not fill the pulpit. The other had a knack for saying rude, offensive, impolite things to women. There was no way on earth I'd have allowed him to substitute for me. It was easier not to take vacation or drive up from Virginia on Sundays to handle things myself.

A Lutheran pastor growing into all sorts of things.

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