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Rev. Brian P. Westgate

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Re: Floor Committee 2 International Mission
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You are definitely not alone . . .

Daniel L. Gard

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Re: Floor Committee 2 International Mission
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My guess is that this is the flap being referred to.

It happened back in April that a retiring AF officer wanted some traditional flag speech done at his retirement ceremony and invited a someone to give it. The Air Force told him not to give that particular speech, presumably because it mentioned God, and forcibly removed the speaker from the premises mid-speech.

An investigation followed and I think it was determined that the AF acted inappropriately and should have allowed the speech. But during that investigation all kinds of issues came up about the rights and duties of military personnel regarding expressions of faith. So I didn't hear the proposed amendment or comment from the floor of the convention, but if it talked about flag ceremonies and freedom of conscience for LCMS military personnel, I would guess this incident was in the background.

No, it had something to do with how a Flag Officer is promoted. The speaker said that a FO/GO also had to be approved by Congress (I think he meant the Senate). I'm still not sure of his point and I was sitting there. Of course, I wasn't sure of the point of about 90% of the proposed amendments; most of them struck me as silly or frivolous.

There is a process. After selection by a statutory board, the list of new FOs/GOs works its way to the President who nominates the selected officers. This is a three to four month process and only at its conclusion are the names released. Then, in another three to four month process, the nominees must be confirmed by the Senate. Chaplains are treated as any other officers.

Theological position is not an issue. I am LCMS with all that this implies - soteriologically, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, etc. Yet I was nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

Besides the 1st amendment, there are provisions in the US Code that protect a chaplain's confession and conscience. These are not issues in the process.


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Re: Floor Committee 2 International Mission
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Amen, Chaplain Gard.

Promotions of all military, including chaplains, are done fairly and impartially. If only all other areas of our lives together were likewise we would all be much better off. Your Armed Forces are a model for much besides weapons and war tactics.

Peace, JOHN