Author Topic: Lutheran ‘Jesus Welcomes All’ wins Princess’ Trophy in 2014 Rose Parade  (Read 791 times)


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Glad to see a Christian themed winner...

April 25, 2014

With a flock of white doves winging out of the front door of the church to cheers from the crowd, “Jesus Welcomes All” brought a message of peace for 2014 from the Lutheran Layman’s League. The float won the Rose Parade Princess’ Trophy for Most Beautiful Float 36 feet and Under.

The float, designed by Michelle Lofthouse and built by Phoenix Decorating Company, reflected the goal of the League: “Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church.” A classic white clapboard church topped by a 20-foot bell tower was set among a bounty of roses in purple, pink, yellow, orange and white. A stone walkway and stained glass windows in dry materials completed the effect.



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Had the privilege of working on that float on Dec. 30, along with our youth group.
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So did some ELCA friends of mine from Kansas City.  They love to go help as often as possible, although I am sure Pasadena beats KC in the winter helps.  I guess LHM lets in Lutherans of all stripes...

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I don't want to, uh, rain on any parade, as the trophy is a well-deserved honor. 

But the story apparently dated "April 25, 2014" includes a photo of the Princess Trophy banner ahead of that float during the parade itself, which was on January 1.  Good news, but not exactly breaking.

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Anyone who watched the Rose Bowl Parade
on January 1, 2014, heard the announcers
tell about the Princess Trophy which the
Lutheran Hour float had won.   This award
was duly noted immediately on the LCMS
website in January.