Forum Letter defect Feburary, 2014

Started by Rev. Spaceman, February 11, 2014, 12:24:14 AM

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Rev. Spaceman

Did anyone else have a printing defect in their copy of Forum Letter this month?  I was getting into an article only to notice that one page was mostly blank, and a bunch of content was missing. 
Rev. Thomas E. Jacobson, Ph.D

Gary Hatcher

Yes, my copy contained what I presume was a defect.
Gary Hatcher STS,
Pastor St. Paul & First Lutheran Churches
Garnavillo & McGregor, IA


Sorry that happened. Please e-mail Donna Roche <> and ask for a good copy.

Peace, JOHN

John Mundinger

I didn't see any printing errors in the electronic copy. ;)
Lifelong Evangelical Lutheran layman

Whoever, then, thinks that he understands the Holy Scriptures, or any part of them, but puts such an interpretation upon them as does not tend to build up this twofold love of God and our neighbour, does not yet understand them as he ought.  St. Augustine

Michael Slusser

I can't tell if the extensive white space on p. 6 is misprint or planned. What is there is Pr. Mark Birkholz's advice on preparing for worship, with a lot of white space above and below it. Page 7 then starts with "decision itself. In this case, Forsythe argues that when the Court agreed to take the case . . . "etc.

Fr. Michael Slusser
Retired Roman Catholic priest and theologian


The online copy should have been fine. The error was with the printer, so if you get a paper copy there is a problem, which is being taken care of, and everyone will either be getting a new copy or a correction insert with their next issue. Sorry about that.

Mark Joel

Can we just access the online edition and save the time and expense of sending corrections?


Quote from: Mark Joel on February 11, 2014, 07:35:42 PM
Can we just access the online edition and save the time and expense of sending corrections?
I think they're going to resend the issue. The printer is paying for it because it was their error. A lot of the paper subscribers don't do the whole internet thingy, and every issue is archived in a lot of libraries. 

Richard Johnson

Here's the final scoop: The issue is being reprinted and will be sent to all print subscribers. I can't seem to attach the pdf to this forum, unfortunately, and there's no way to access it online unless your are an electronic subscriber. But if you want an electronic copy, email me at and I'll send it to you.
The Rev. Richard O. Johnson, STS

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