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Wednesday morning sessions
« on: July 24, 2013, 10:25:23 AM »
Floor Committee 3 (Life Together) passes several non-controversial resolutions this morning, mostly about affirming various mission emphases. I think the lowest vote total was in the 96% range. They're on the docket again in a few minutes.

FC5 has a lot of time allotted for today and they anticipate some controversy on 5-03C, which determines how the SMP oversight committee is appointed. They have what seems to me to be a very reasonable and balanced system proposed, but the one side doesn't want any potential interference and the other side wants some oversight with teeth in it, so they anticipate the balance being precarious. FC5 was just called to a special meeting in advance of their coming to the floor.

Also, John Klinger, who was elected to the CHI Board (lay) yesterday, turned out to be ineligible, so they have to call for more nominations.