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The consequences of each case, however, is quite different. In the ELCA case all are expected to grant that the status of marriage may be accorded to homosexual couples. That is a major break with our Judeo-Christian past as well as the majority of modern world wide opinion, whether Christian or not.

Although, at this point, in the ELCA the word "marriage" is not used for homosexual couples, but the lengthy, "publicly accountable, life-long, monogamous relationship." This allows us to continue the traditional understanding of "marriage" as being between a man and a woman.

Thank you for spelling out "PALM" to an outsider. Over here in Germany, the State found a solution to the issue, which might be interesting to you. On the one hand, "Marriage and Family" are mentioned in the Federal Constitution, not as created by law, but as to be under special care by the state, implying that these institutions are prior to the state. On the other hand, by ordinary federal law, just a few years ago, a new institution of "Life partnership" was created in order to accomodate the needs of modern society.

Nonetheless, as coram deo, all of this is under God's condemnation whether it works for society or not.  I admit that these new possibilities to accommodate same-sex couples serve as needs for the modern society.  But there are some who make the grand leap as if this is acceptible before God's eye.  Biblically, it is not.