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Started by George Erdner, April 08, 2013, 08:35:00 AM

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James J Eivan

Quote from: ghp on October 04, 2020, 06:30:20 PM
If only there were an easy to use, click a single button, quote functionality built into the forum software...  ::) ::) ::)
Actually there is... Locate the post you wish to reply to...

The upper right hand corner of that post is the word Quote ...

It is an active link if you press Quote it takes that post and puts it in a response for y'all at the bottom of the page...

It's probably best to hit the preview button which will take it up to the top of the page and give you the ability to do use various other quotation functions...

Again there are small buttons/icons allowing you to bowl underlined Italic strikethrough amongst other things.

James J Eivan

Take two ... Apparently an attempt to be helpful on the wrong thread is met with deletion ... Since this is a support thread hopefully this informative and helpful post is allowed...

Having done software support in a previous life... I resurrected this thread six months or so after joining the forum. Hopefully the following is helpful for future forum posts .... prompted by the following comment
Sorry I do not now how to direct readers to what I received from ...
In this particular case the link needed was a Facebook link ..

is simply copied from from the url field.

Facebook links can be tricky... Rightfully so, access is limited by passwords and friendship links, some Facebook links that were copied exactly cannot be shared. Personally, what I do is to copy the Facebook link... Either open a second browser... Not a new tab or new window of the same browser, but if I'm using Safari... I'll open a Fire Fox browser ... Paste the URL in and see if it works.

By doing this I am guaranteeing that no cookies or other information is shared from one tab to another in the same browser.

James J Eivan

Recently my Forum Home Page lost some helpful links

Gone are ...

Hello <Name>
Show unread posts since last visit
Show replies to your posts
Current Date and Time

Any ideas why this helpful information/links have disappeared?  A review of the profile variables doesn't seem to reveal and fields that could have been tampered with when my profile was hacked.

Any ideas are appreciated.

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