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Re: Sanctity of Life - Issues, Obstacles, Strategies
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Peoria is the home town of both Susan G. Komen and Nancy G. Brinker.  Mrs. Komen's grave is posted on Peoria's main north-south street as a memorial, and the area Komen for the Cure Memorial Affiliate was the second to have a "Race for the Cure" fundraiser event, which now includes a section for men. 

That Komen for the Cure has made grants to Planned Parenthood has been a major controversy for years -- so, as I noted on Pastor Zip's Blog today, "the mass media are either actually or playing ignorant of just how controversial that relationship has been..." -- and the local affiliate has noted for some 20 years that it does not make grants to the local Planned Parenthood affiliate. 

The events of the last few days amply demonstrate the obstacles to promoting a sanctity of life in today's USA.  Threatening the pocketbook of Planned Parenthood -- even of less than $700,000 of a reported $1.1 billion budget [note: my budget source is the Huffington Post] -- is apparently, if we are to trust what we read and see what we have seen everywhere except in the openly pro-life media, the most wicked thing possible.

As I posted earlier today, I've been thinking about last Sunday's Gospel (in the 3 year lectionary) a lot this week.

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