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Re: Tuesday morning: Bishop's report
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Plenary 3

Began again with another pitch for a commitment to the ELCA Malaria Campaign, calling attention to the pledge cards on the table.

Bp. Hanson turned chair over to VP Pena, who promptly invited Bp. Hanson to bring his report. (Cute.) “I’ve come to this assembly more hopeful than I’ve ever been . . . We are a church with clarity about who we are and about our shared commitment to being engaged in God’s mission for the life of the world. . . . I thank God for bishops who have been clear our unity is in Christ even while accompanying congregations discerning their future in the ELCA . . .  We are called in Christ to cross the lines of religious purity . . . Let the ELCA be known, not only as a church that serves the poor, but a church that will work tirelessly to bring poverty to an end . . . This assembly can say to LGBTQ people who are bullied, ‘not in this church! There’s a place for you here, child of God.’”  More comments and stories about new congregations formed from “remnants” of congregations which have withdrawn from ELCA.

Report was vintage Hanson: inspirational, activist, pietistic—even ending with the singing of “I Love to Tell the Story.” Standing ovation at the end.

In answer to a previous question, no mention yet of any grief over congregations that have left; just celebration of “remnants” who have withdrawn from those congregations and stayed ELCA.
"We are a church with clarity about who we are . . ."      True, dat!   ;D


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Re: Tuesday morning: Bishop's report
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It is of course true that the 2009 CWA did not specifically approve pastors conducing same-sex "marriages."  However, that assembly most certainly did approve pastors and congregations to "recognize" and "hold publicly accountable" lifelong same gender relationships.  In my personal opinion, it is simply not that much of a stretch to see conducting a marriage ceremony as a form of recognizing and holding publicly accountable.  Indeed what else would do so as clearly and compellingly? 

In other words, this was the plan all along, and there is no reason to be surprised.

Yes, exactly! How long until the drumbeat sounds for this? Not long at all, I suspect. Sigh.