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Sadly, that sounds very similar to the situation south of your border.


Let me highly recommend to our friends in the LCIC agonizing at this point to reach out to the LCC. President Robert Bugbee is a marvelously pastoral and kind man, a very faithful Lutheran leader, and one who has a true shepherd's heart.

Here is his e-mail address:

Robert Bugbee <president@lutheranchurch.ca>

Brad Everett

I and others in the ELCIC have had opportunity to meet with President Bugbee and other LCC leaders on a couple of occasions and were very impressed. What was very much appreciated was he made it clear he wasn't on a "fishing expedition" but was looking for ways for confessional Lutherans in Canada could work together. We are well aware of what separates us, but being a small country we will be better served to find ways and means of co-operation with integrity.
Unfortunately he wasn't invited to attend the Convention and bring greetings. His brief message at the 2009 convention in Vancouver was a highlight for me.


Quote from: Brad Everett on July 17, 2011, 09:12:16 AM

MOVED that convention actions NC-1993-16 and NC-1989-96 be rescinded and that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in convention adopt the following policy:
It is the policy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada that sexual orientation is not in itself a factor which disqualifies a candidate for rostered ministry or a rostered minister seeking a call. Candidates and rostered ministers are in all cases expected to adhere to the qualifications and standards as set out in the constitution and bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and of the synod within which they serve. Synods and congregations are expected to evaluate candidates for ordination or consecration and rostered ministers for call in accordance with a conscience informed by the Gospel, the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. Thus the matter devolves into a discussion of rights.

"Thus the matter devolves into a discussion of rights."  Say what?  Is that language actually a part of the adopted motion, or is it part of Mr. (Pr.?) Everett's commentary?

Tom Pearson

Brad Everett

My apologies—the sentence in question is commentary not part of the motion (this is why it's easier writing for Forum Letter, you have an editor  :))

My point being that since there wasn't sufficient biblical or theological justification given in either the Social Statement or the motion for this change in policy, it came down to a discussion of rights. Further, to my knowledge it was never the policy of the ELCIC to disqualify candidates for ministry on the basis of sexual orientation as the motion implies. The 1989 Bishops' statement simply said candidates were expected to be chaste in either singleness or marriage (back when marriage was one man and one woman) thus homoerotic relationships were grounds for disqualification, but not any more.
Again, sorry for the confusion.


Quote from: Brad Everett on July 19, 2011, 12:19:36 AM

My apologies—the sentence in question is commentary not part of the motion (this is why it's easier writing for Forum Letter, you have an editor  :))

Thanks for this, Pr. Everett.  I appreciate the clarification.

Blessings on your ministry, continuing as it is under difficult circumstances.

Tom Pearson


Quote from: Brad Everett on July 18, 2011, 01:17:31 AM
His answer was that this had been discussed by the National Church Council and they estimated between 20-30% of congregations/members might leave, which he termed "acceptable losses". And frankly I have no idea what numbers would constitute "unacceptable losses"—I suspect it would have less to do with numbers than theological inclination.
Are there any NALC or LCMC congregations in Canada?

Glenn Ryder

The LCMC website claims 7 congregations in Canada. I quickly searched the NALC website and it looked like there aren't any currently. Not sure how up-to-date both websites are.



The LC-I currently has three congregations and several chaplains in Eastern Canada (Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean), as well as a Canadian branch of the Order of St Francis/Lutheran. We are receiving several pastors from Canada at our Synod next week, the Spirit willing.

Brad Everett

There are LCMC congregations here. As for NALC I believe the obstacle is the details and legalities involved in being recognized on this side of the border. Once those items are in place I know of a few congregations interested in joining.

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