Human Sexuality Study Passed

Started by Brad Everett, July 15, 2011, 10:09:28 PM

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Brad Everett

The Human Sexuality Study finally passed tonight by a count of 213 to 134 but getting there was no easy task. It was sort of the procedural equivalent of juggling flaming chainsaws while blindfolded.
The full time for debate was taken this morning so Bp. Johnson offered an extra 45 minutes if the convention was willing to cut the supper break short by an hour. All agreed and were back in their places at 6 p.m. The debate picked up where it left off with delegates from both sides of the issue making impassioned presentations for their respective positions calling on personal stories, Scripture and any other resource that might help.
At 7:45 p.m. the question was called—which of course meant another 15 minutes of debate on this procedural motion. When this vote was finally taken it was so close the stewards had to count (the ELCIC delegates vote by holding up either green or red cards indicating if they are for or against a motion), and after a few minutes it was announced that the motion to call the question had just passed 166-162. So then ballots were handed out (as per an earlier decision for secret ballot on the resolution). Of course there was a hiccup and not everyone got ballots at the same time. And just when that was sorted out, a steward announced to the chair that an error had been made and the motion to call the question had instead been defeated. So with some ballots cast, some gathered and some just being received, Bp. Johnson asked for the convention to stay put while she gave the matter some thought. She came back after a couple of minutes and suggested the vote go forward since the convention had acted in good faith concerning the motion to call the question. But it wasn't over yet as the chair's ruling was challenged as there were some who wanted the chance to still speak to the motion, in particular the youth. So yet another procedural motion was voted on and the chair's ruling was upheld so the voting continued and was completed.
After filling in the space with announcements the convention turned to singing hymns to pass the time.
When the results came back, Bp. Johnson said she'd announce the results twice and then pray, cautioning the gathering against any outbursts concerning the results. She announced twice and then prayed asking for God to wrap His arms around the church at this time as it is filled with members who have conflicting feelings and thoughts, many rejoicing and many grieving. She concluded by saying we place our trust in God and claim the unity we have in Him and that we be provided with the succor we need at this time.
Bp. Johnson should be commended for navigating this voting minefield, where if anything could go sideways it did.
So with the Statement passed it seems inevitable the three motions accompanying the statement will be passed. Of course because of the delays we are now moving into dealing with those after a short break for elections. It is turning into a long, dark night.


Thanks Brad, I'm in town . Give me a call tonight if it works...  Randy

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