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Prayer Requests

Started by J. Eriksson, November 30, 2010, 10:26:40 PM

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Oh man Eileen, prayers are definitely ascending...


Quote from: Eileen Smith on November 18, 2015, 12:52:42 PM
A few weeks ago, in our congregation, we were discussing a reading from James, specifically James 5:16 - pray for one another.  I commented that we need to be vulnerable to one another to even ask for prayer.  For me that's hard.  But I will be bold to do so.

May I ask for your prayers.  For five years I've been fighting a rare cancer, neuroendocrine cancer to be specific.  there is no cure, but it can be stabilized.  I'm no longer stable on my present medication and a chemo drug has been prescribed.  It's been three weeks and I still cannot obtain approval from my insurance company.  I simply ask for your prayers for peace during this turbulent time.  It's hard to hear that your cancer has now progressed from the GI area to the spine, be told there is something that can stabilize it, and hear, "Denied."  I simply need peace.

Thank you all very much.  Eileen

Eileen, may the peace that surpasses all understanding be with you.  God have mercy.  I also pray that your new treatment stabilizes the cancer if that be God's will.

... Fletch


Behold in Your infinite love Your servant Eileen, kind Father. Fill her with the peace of Your presence. Grant that Your good and gracious and perfect will be done in her life. We commend her entirely into Your keeping, for You are a good God and You love Your whole creation through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Jeremy Loesch

Grant peace to Your child Eileen O Lord.  Amen
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Eileen, you will be in our daily prayers.  God grant you His peace as you live with frustrating unknowns.

Marie and Bill Meyer


Eileen, prayers for God's strong healing power in Christ Jesus, in all ways that you need healing-- physical, emotionally and spiritually.  Harvey
Harvey S. Mozolak
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Dear Eileen, prayers that go beyond words are ascending from these quarters. Heavenly guidance and comfort are being requested, along with so much more.

A pastor of the North American Lutheran Church.

Eileen Smith

Much thanks to all of you.  I deeply am touched by all of your prayers.  Thank you.

Eileen Smith

Prayers of thanksgiving and rejoicing over the release of four men who had been held in Iran.   

Kurt Weinelt

I will pray for Eileen as well.

But I also ask for your prayers for myself. Monday I was greeted with the news that the residual atrophy and twitching from a broken left wrist this past summer was something else entirely. I didn't improve much with physical therapy, and after several referrals I finally made it in to see a neuromuscular specialist. His initial diagnosis, pending a boatload of blood tests, is ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. The doctor isn't expecting the tests to change the diagnosis. I will get the results 2/23, and be referred to an ALS specialist at UT Health Science Center on 3/9. We are absolutely shattered right now. I am in desperate need of a shot of strength to get through the horrible ordeal to come. This is a seriously faith-testing time.

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Prayers ascending, Kurt...

Eileen Smith

You have my prayers.  I'll have our prayer circle as well.  Thank you for your prayers - you are dealing with so much, it is incredibly kind of you.

Team Hesse

Oh next door neighbor traveled that road a few years ago. Prayers indeed.



The Lord bless you and keep Kurt. Tragic news.

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