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Re: What happened?
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Arch books, Arch books, Arch books.  Growing up, they were one of the greatest things we received in both Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  I've still got some of mine (my sister and I donated some others to our congregation) and my duaghter currently has them in her book collection along with two or three story Bibles.  There were also some really good Sunday School materials that generally followed the liturgical calendar.  They were generally CPH (I chuckle at the notion of the LCA being so very liberal, but growing up in the LCA, almost all of our resources were from CPH.  Apparently it rubbed off.  ;D). 

One thing I have noticed over the last 10 years or so is that it appears that fewer and fewer young people actually read. Anything. Much less a Bible or collection of Bible stories.  I'll only touch further on how well (poorly) many of them do read.  I sometimes feel that stained glass will need to make a big comeback in order to tell the stories to the illiterati.

Martin R. Noland

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Re: What happened?
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Dear Amos,

I am not sure I can answer "what happened" to biblical literacy among the youth of the Lutheran church, but I know some guys who could answer that question.

First, the long-view on this topic can be found in Martin A. Haendschke, "The Sunday School Story," 20th Yearbook of the Lutheran Education Association (River Forest, IL:  LEA, 1963).  If you have a copy, you might remember that it has a yellow cover with a picture of Saint Paulus, San Francisco on the front.

Second, the short-view might be found by talking to two of the nicest guys I met in my seven years in Saint Louis.  That would be Dr. Earl Gaulke and Dr. Dale Griffin.  They are on page 108, all smiles, in Haendschke's book, with other members of that era's LCMS Sunday School Staff, under the LCMS Board of Parish Education.  Earl and Dale were involved in the work of editing, etc. in the field of parish education most of their careers.  Earl and Dale are both Emeritii now, living in Saint Louis.  Their contact information is in the directory of church-workers at:  They are rostered as Ordained Ministers.

Earl and Dale might be willing to say what has happened to the Sunday School, parochial schools, adult Bible classes, etc. during their career.  They would know immediately what has transpired in the LCMS; and by research, in other denominations.

An acclaimed study in its day:  Strommen, Brekke, Underwager, and Johnson, "A Study of Generations:  Report of a Two-year Study of 5,000 Lutherans Between the Ages of 15-65 Their Beliefs, Values, Attitudes, Behaviors" (Minneapolis:  Augsburg, 1972); is still useful for answering your type of question with real facts.

In my opinion, the parochial school teachers in the LCMS are our real "unsung" heroes.  They have kept to the task, and kept our synod on the task, of bringing Christ to our children.  Even when they didn't teach Sunday School, they were invaluable professionals advising, and goading us on, to that task.  The LCA and ALC were much poorer for not having such a cadre of professional educators in so many parishes.

Regarding what to do about it, Pastor Paul McCain, can answer your questions with plenty of resources at his command; and staff members who can assist you with the same.

Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland


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Re: What happened?
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yes Peter, I think you were!  Wasn't that a fun day?!


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Re: What happened?
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Was one of the wierder days.  I remember having a discussion about how Jesus really meant grape juice too
Rev. Peter Morlock- ELCA pastor serving two congregations in WIS