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Re: ELCA PB Mark Hanson's Town Hall 11/21/2010
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You remind me of the politician who says, "I will not make this a racial issue" knowing full well that by saying those words they just did make it a racial issue.  Saying, "I am inclined to think..." does not excuse you at all but rather convicts you.  If you are inclined to say something but then refrain in print before all to see you de facto called people a name.  It would be like me saying in a newsletter article to my members, "I am inclined to think that you are irrational idiots who refuse to change, but I'm not calling you that" they would probably feel (and rightly so) that I in fact called them "irrational idiots."  If you want the rhetoric to be more civil here then start with yourself.  As one who has been guilty of poor choices of words on this forum (and elsewhere) I can accept that for my self as well.

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Re: ELCA PB Mark Hanson's Town Hall 11/21/2010
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It's unbecoming to you when you actually label people with certain opinions "cowards, liars, or fools." Name calling does not become acceptable simply because you are the one doing it.

The difference is, when you believe that Charles, (or many of us,) are calling people names; you know who we are.
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