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Anyone know why we're not getting reports of the Southern Hemisphere Lutheran objection to the ELCA's and church of Sweden's approval of homosexuality?

If you're referring to the LWF Eleventh Assembly, you're not getting reports on that because it isn't happening here. Two speakers in the plenary session, one from Ethiopia, one from Tanzania, have made a reference to "the Issue" or "the situation," but other than that (and what may have been mentioned in the "village groups," which are private), it has not come up.
In a couple of other references by LWF General Secretary Ishmael Noko and President-Elect Bishop Younan, it is explained that the LWF is gathering information from member churches on "the Issue" until 2012, and a report will be made then.
And BTW, it isn't exactly the whole "Southern Hemisphere" issuing objections to the ELCA and the Church of Sweden.


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