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Bishop Munib A. Younan Elected President of LWF

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From reading the linked article, Bishop Younan sounds like an interesting man.  I would like to know more about him.  Has he spoken yet?

The bishop gave an acceptance speech and answered questions at a news conference. A story about both is being written for the assembly website.
He will preach at a church in a Stuttgart suburb tomorrow morning, and we will cover that as well.

According to the press release, Bishop Younan was the only nominee for LWF President.

Can someone help explain how this process works.

How does the nomination process work?  Why were there no other nominees? 

A Catholic Lutheran:

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It is an...intersting?... point that the ELCJHL does not ordain women...

At our annual LARC conference this spring, the Rev. Dr. Maria Erling (LSTG) was commenting on the upcoming election.  She noted that hopes had been high that Bp. Kasemann (Sp?) from Germany had been expected to become the first woman president of the LWF until she had legal problems.  She also noted that many had hoped that maybe someone from the Global South/3rd world would be elected, but Bp. Younan was the only viable candidate and that was raising some eyebrows because the ELCJHL did not ordain women.

Interesting days when agendas run at cross purposes to each other...

Pax Christi;
Pr. Jerry Kliner, STS


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