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LWF Assembly in Stuttgart
« on: July 02, 2010, 06:42:13 PM »
This is a place for news and discussion of the Lutheran World Federation 2010 Assembly in Stuttgart, Germany. While we don't have an official "on the scene" correspondent (maybe next time), Forum member Charles Austin is serving as a staff person for the Assembly, and as he has time, he will post news of what is happening. For direct information, you can visit

May I gently suggest that those of you who are members of church bodies not affiliated with the LWF refrain from making comments like this one, already posted:

But, the article was typical PR drivel from the home office in Geneva.

Non-LCMS participants, for example, have been quite gracious in keeping their opinions to themselves in the discussion threads about the upcoming LCMS convention. Go and do thou likewise.

I am on my way to Turkey, but if, when I return, I find that this entire board has been ruined by uncharitable slams at the LWF from persons not affiliated with it, heads will roll.

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