Sacred to Secular Employment

Started by wridenhour, August 18, 2009, 06:09:29 PM

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For some reason, politics seems to be a field ex-ministers get into.


And some actually wait until they've left the pulpit to get involved.  ;)

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Quote from: wridenhour on August 18, 2009, 06:09:29 PM
For far more reasons than the "sex" issue (though that is on the list), I've begun giving serious discernment to leaving ordained ministry all together.  I'm a "pipeliner" (straight from college to seminary to parish), so I will admit to not being sure how to begin a job search. 

How does an M Div translate in the business world?

Are there head hunters out there who can assist clergy looking to make the move from sacred to secular employment?

Are there church related or para-church organizations that, for lack of a better term, offer outplacement services to clergy?

I'd welcome any suggestions, leads, experiences of others from the collective wisdom of this forum.  Thanks.

Rev Bill Ridenhour
First Englisgh Lutheran
Wheeling, WV


One of the areas I would suggest is chaplaincy - especially with hospice.  It is comparable in salary to being a pastor, and most Visiting Nurse Associations (non profit groups run by nurses) are not so into CPE's.  It is pretty intense ministry.  Also working as a bereavement counselor coordinator in such groups is an option.

I did a stint - my senior year of college - as a career counselor in our dean's office.  There I got to meet Dick Bolles, who wrote a classic and updated book called "What Color is your parachute" He now has a site, which has all sorts of helpful ways to find careers and prep to get those jobs.

Be praying for ya

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