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Your Turn / Re: LIRS Audit
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:06:08 PM »
I am no fan of Breitbart. However, a member forwarded this link to me and asked about it. I don't know anything about LIRS or its internal workings. Any comments?

From the Breitbart piece it appears that the system LIRS had set up for reporting of concerns was working exactly as designed, before the leak.  The Board and Audit Committee Chairs had been informed, competent professional outside counsel had been appointed to conduct an independent investigation, the LIRS workforce had been advised and urged to give their complete cooperation to the investigators.  Why it was "necessary" to leak it to Breitbart is a mystery to me.  Experience as a public company CFO and my present service as Board Member and Audit Committee Chair of a significant not-for-profit tells me the matter is already in more capable hands than Breitbart's.

Your Turn / Re: Party Affiliation of American Clergy
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:03:53 PM »
A less contentious reply than some:  I am a chart geek, and this article has some great examples of "the right chart to show the information."

We should keep in mind that doctrinal separation is not schism.

I'm using the term in the every day dictionary way, because that's how I know to communicate. Doctrinal difference is one of the reasons mentioned there. It's a pretty common word, so i don't know how else to use it.

But I do understand that the act of leaving one Church body for another is not itself schismatic. I said my response wasn't well-organized!

We should keep in mind that doctrinal separation is not schism.

I'm using the term in the every day dictionary way, because that's how I know to communicate. Doctrinal difference is one of the reasons mentioned there. It's a pretty common word, so i don't know how else to use it.

  I genuinely want to know why people would want those in their church body who disagree radically with the direction of that church body and why those who radically disagree would want to stay when there is no chance of that church revisiting or reversing its decisions?

So, I ask for information, feelings, reasons, whatever that might help me understand. . . to Erma and those others who have chosen to stay...

This is not a well organized response, but hits the high points for me, an ELCA layman:

1. I do not know of a Church body with whose views I find myself agreeing all the time. I understand from my Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox friends that such thinking is itself arrogant. One goes where The Church is, and submits. But where is The Church?

2. I think I can serve God and my neighbor in the ELCA congregation where I find myself, teaching junior high aged kids, assisting in reverent worship, helping make music, and generally being a positive influence as God gives me grace to do so.

3. As a broad statement, I hate schism and the willfulness that gives rise to it. I understand it case by case, but the net result after 2000 years is repugnant to me.

4. Who says ELCA will not change?  For how long was Arianism in the ascendancy?

5. After all that big talk, a rotten Pastor call when our faithful Pastor retires in a few years could be the last straw. I cannot deny it.

Mike Bennett

Your Turn / Re: Less Wealthy Are More Generous
« on: October 06, 2014, 03:42:37 PM »
A couple of thoughts:

1. The omission of those who do not itemize tax deductions omits so much of the population to make the results less meaningful than they might appear on the surface. Of course the publicly available data regarding itemized deductions are the only really accessible data in this area, so I'm not criticizing the method at all.

2. The really, really wealthy are likely to make their most significant donations through a family foundation or similar entity which, of course, required a large one-time donation to establish.

Just ruminating. The results on their face are interesting and thought-provoking.

Your Turn / Re: Non-Lutheran Speakers at LCMS Events
« on: October 06, 2014, 03:34:13 PM »
It's interesting how a straightforward, focused discussion question can be derailed by a practiced provocateur. And it reminds me why I only look in a couple of times a year now.

Your Turn / Re: Rev. Rolf Preus Re-Instated to LCMS
« on: November 29, 2013, 08:08:55 PM »

Frankly, I believe that our ecumenical communion worship last Wednesday night with Presbyterians, UCC, and Methodists was a very definitive biblical witness of the gospel. We are one body in Christ. We are all sinners. We are all forgiven sinners.

That's good. In ours on Thanksgiving day, the Episcopal Rector did not find time to utter the name "Jesus" during the sermon, though allusions to and quotes from John Muir were plentiful, and we were exhorted to focus on being "attentional."  The Presbyterian minister beamed. I couldn't see our pastor from where I sat.

Your Turn / Re: Rev. Rolf Preus Re-Instated to LCMS
« on: November 29, 2013, 07:59:49 PM »

The gospel is a very clear generality: God forgives sinners by his grace through faith in Jesus. Anything beyond that distorts the gospel. Requiring adherence to a doctrinal nuance destroys the gospel - requiring anything destroys the gospel because then puts the attention on us, our words, our thoughts, rather than on God and what God has done.

I won't get into whether your your "Anything beyond that . . . . . " sentence is correct or incorrect, but merely observe that the compilers of the Book of Concord intentionally included the Athanasian Creed, which disagrees.

Your Turn / Re: Does Intermarriage Cause Decline In Lutheranism?
« on: November 05, 2013, 06:30:09 AM »
Pastor Ruby writes:
Wow. i haven't been on this forum for two and half years and I see the same sexually obsessed people having the same discussions over and over. Amazing. Really amazing.

I comment:
So persistence in argument and consistency in taking a stand is amazing? What is amazing is why you would care to comment. And FWIW, a lot has gone on here that has nothing to do with the phony charge of being "sexually obsessed people," but you wouldn't know that because - doh! - you weren't here.

But one can can't help but marvel at the persistence of the obsession that brings a question about effects of intermarriage on Lutheran membership back, yet again, to the same old, same old other subject, while others jump on Bp Benke for whatever he might say, on whatever topic.

Your Turn / Re: ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2013
« on: July 05, 2013, 06:59:26 PM »
There will be a Boy Scout memorial from Metro Chicago. Calling on congregations that charter Boy Scout troops to put BSA on notice that this year's re-chartering is provisional and may be withdrawn after a year if BSA doesn't stop excluding homosexual folks from adult leader positions. I couldn't make that up. Don't know how many other synods will have the same memorial (read organized movement) or whether if it's an example of Metro Chicagoroving itself "more progressive than thou."

Mike Bennett

Your Turn / Re: Does Matthew 18 Apply to ACELC's Antagonists?
« on: July 05, 2013, 06:42:25 PM »

The LCMS isn't the Roman Catholic Church, or Nazi Germany, Dave.


You have truly excelled, Robert. In a thread as full of nonsense of all sorts as one is likely to see here, you have trumped them all with this matter-of-fact slander of Rome.

Mike Bennett

Your Turn / Re: Does Matthew 18 Apply to ACELC's Antagonists?
« on: July 05, 2013, 06:29:19 PM »
Some different meanings of SHT - and I don't see any that are offensive:

Studia Humaniora Tartuensia (online humanities journal)
Stichting Historie der Techniek (Dutch Foundation for the History of Technology)
Segway Human Transporter
Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Special Hull Treatment (tile)
Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation (Canada; also seen as DHT)
Systemic Hypertension
Spherical Harmonic Transformation
Seal Head Tank
Short Holding Time
Siilinjärvi Hockey Team
Suppressed High-Level Differential Transfer
Section Header Table (computer programming)

Someone once distinguished knowledge and wisdom thus: to know tomato is a fruit demonstrates knowledge; to leave it out of the fruit salad, wisdom. To come up with a long useless list of things SHT supposedly could stand for is not either of those things.

Mike Bennett

Your Turn / Re: Does Matthew 18 Apply to ACELC's Antagonists?
« on: July 05, 2013, 06:22:45 PM »
Pastor Crandall, I would appreciate an apology for the offense your choice of abbreviation has caused.

I'm sorry you were offended.

Thanks Scott. That's 'way more high class than my instinctive response to the "apology."

Mike Bennett

Your Turn / Re: An appeal for an Apology for Evangelical Catholicism
« on: August 11, 2011, 09:06:47 AM »
I would think that almost all of those who claim to be STS are also considering themselves EC's.
Rob Buechler

STS is joined by subscribing to a Rule and literally signing a membership book in the presence of the members gathered in General Chapter (along with guests, which is why I know this from first hand observation).  The list of members is published on the STS web site.  So what might you mean by "those who claim to be STS?"

Mike Bennett

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