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Your Turn / LCMS Nominations for President
« on: March 14, 2023, 12:09:30 PM »
Nominations are in for LCMS President and other positions. What’s interesting is that President Harrison has over double the nominations of Pat Ferry. What is more, since 2010 it is the second most nominations he has received. Some have claimed that this may be it for President Harrison but the numbers indicate otherwise. Anyways, below is the list of those nominated.


The following five candidates received the highest number of nominating votes for the office of President and consented to serve if elected:

Matthew C. Harrison, 1,193
Patrick T. Ferry, 511
Richard L. Snow, 228
Peter K. Lange, 119
Benjamin T. Ball, 113

For more info about other nominations see the link:

I thought this important to highlight from President Harrison's report to the Floor Committees Memorial Day Weekend:

Resolution 5-01A Task Force—Concordia University System (CUS). I’m very proud of our universities. The Lutheran Identity Statement (Workbook, p. 262ff.) is a great piece of work. The university presidents, Dean Wenthe and the CUS Board have all outdone themselves. Responding to the task force recommendations, the presidents have suggested in particular that the issue of adding additional regents should be studied for another triennium, rather than making the changes suggested in the report. I am agreeable to that, but would request that the President of Synod or perhaps the Praesidium (since they are involved in visitation of universities at the Synod President’s request), be given one, or perhaps two, appointees to each university board of regents. The Bylaws require the Synod President to visit and provide ecclesiastical supervision for these institutions. Currently there is little ability for my office to have any real, adequate knowledge of the institution’s life.

The Synod Board of Directors, with my encouragement, passed a resolution requesting study of the issue of closure, divestment or consolidation of our universities in the event of catastrophic financial failure. I believe we are but a court decision or two away from a scenario where the federal government could eliminate our ability to participate in federal student loan programs, and thereby quickly make it impossible for our schools to survive. We face threats from the Department of Justice, Department of Education, EEOC and others. There will be voices among us calling for compromise on the sexuality issues in order for us to “continue the mission.” This will be the death knell of genuine Lutheran university education. In the event of a catastrophic court decision, the Synod will need to be able to act decisively to consolidate resources, properties and schools—perhaps into one or two institutions sufficiently endowed to survive without federal money or interference. I pray this does not happen. The alternative will be to simply watch the universities drift away into religious and moral ambiguity. The universities don’t want this. I will do everything in my power to prevent it.

The rest of the report can be found here:

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