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Your Turn / Re: Filling Future Pastoral Vacancies
« on: Yesterday at 09:22:00 PM »
Overstatement again, Pastor Fienen, feeding your need to be a “victim.”
But if you are baptizing and catechizing and confirming dogs, I guess it’s OK to use them in any situation. But if they’re just working for you, doesn’t that give them more flexibility? They wouldn’t be violating any closed kibble policies.

Your Turn / Re: Filling Future Pastoral Vacancies
« on: Yesterday at 06:17:55 PM »
It has been said here before by several people. If an organization, however “charitable,” happens to be active in a “pro-choice“ or gay affirming way, LCMS should be shaking dust off its collective sandals. The LCMS has Some voices asking it to withdraw from LIRS, not over immigration policy, but just because ELCA is part of it.
And I don’t think the pooches trained as comfort dogs are catechized into the LCMS.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 03:32:42 PM »
And whimsy fails again! My casual comment about being amused at how some people are annoyed and that maybe I throw  in a sentence or two to annoy them is being taken much too seriously.much too seriously.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 01:53:01 PM »
Bully. Rat. Heretic. False teacher. Liar. Hypocrite.
I have acquired all these monicker here. Plus eaten enough snark to expand my waistline.
No matter. It’s the way things are here.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 01:06:22 PM »
Regarding “Mary,” i’m not sure Peter has a good grasp on what would or would not offend a woman either real or fictional, but that’s another matter.
I often ask myself why I bother to keep participating here. And I still want to be a voice for the ELCA. I want to correct some of the silly things that are said about us and try to witness as to what we really are. And I like to raise some topics that never seem to get mentioned here, such as mission and outreach. Furthermore I like some of the postings I read here, even some from LCMS posters.
Finally, it amuses me that some people think I am “trouble“ here. I stay in to keep annoying them, and consider it  “good trouble.“

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 11:59:15 AM »
So expound your RNC/Trumpist/evangelical lines, Peter, if you ever find a foothold in America, 2021.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 11:55:28 AM »
Thread drift. The issue is What happens when women get out into the workforce.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 11:20:11 AM »
I do not understand how we could ever discuss “theology“ without having the cultural and, yes, political angle to it.
We could hash out again the arguments of the second or third century, or the 15th or 16th century, would that help anybody today?
Do we ever talk enough about the proclamation of the gospel today, how we reach people today?
“Love your neighbor.“ A nice gospel imperative, but how can you talk about that without talking about immigration, housing, racism, economic inequality? Not to mention the problems faced by women trying to survive and exercise their vocations and skills  in a male-dominated culture.
Closed communion? A dead issue. The people we are  trying to reach and the majority of our members don’t care about it.
The kind of “confessionalism“ that finds an answer to every question in the 16th century documents? That’s just silly.
Scripture locked in quasi-fundamentalist boxes? That’s not even Lutheran.
Now I love the 16th century. Beloved Spouse claims I know more about the 16th century than I do about what happened last week.
But we don’t live there, and we need people in this discussion who understand that, we need people in this discussion will even refute our favorite ideas from the 16th century.
Blessings to those go to Rome or Constantinople, and I’m glad they have found their place in the Church catholic.
But this should be predominantly an inter-Lutheran forum.
But a future lies in accepting change, because there will always be change and there has always has been change.
Otherwise, we are just trying to extract nuggets from the mine after the canary has died.

Your Turn / Re: Reflections of a pro-life Democrat
« on: Yesterday at 10:49:11 AM »
Father Hummel:
with rather little respect, I suggest that your comments are extremely destructive of our effort to find some kind of inter-Lutheran association here. You left the ELCA and now you are elsewhere. Coming back here to vent your resentment and bile does not help us and I doubt you’re convincing anybody.
Do you enjoy pouring burning oil on our already troubled times?

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 10:43:20 AM »
Mr. Garner:
Yeah, but again, Pastor Austin has run off more female ELCA clergy from this forum than any other single person.
I will dispute that, but let it go.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: Yesterday at 05:14:03 AM »
The forum needs more diversity.
It needs more understanding and less “but you are just wrong!” Or un-Lutheran or un-Biblical, etc. etc.
It needs a broader spectrum of voices from the LCMS (although it is abundantly clear why moderate or liberal LCMS people do not feel safe here).
It needs more conservative voices from within the ELCA rather than from those who have left us.
It needs more female voices.
And we need some way to recognize and accept that the LCMS is broader than the loudest voices here, including Peter (and that the LCMS  includes many like Matt Becker, now no longer LCMS) and that there is more to the ELCA than Brian and this humble correspondent (although I still believe we represent the mainstream of our church body.)
ALPB’s noble inter-Lutheran history and mission should take top billing and gain support, not “resolutions” declaring the ELCA heretical, or repeated “O! How terrible!, He’s doing it again!” posts passing judgment on individuals.

Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
« on: October 26, 2021, 10:41:49 PM »
Not everything else.

Your Turn / Re: Is the ALPB Forum Online a safe space?
« on: October 26, 2021, 05:38:32 PM »
Pastor Preus:
I also enjoy Charles Austin's posts, even though I often disagree with him.
And there are times, I suspect, when we do not disagree.

Pastor Preus:
On the matter of what is Christian and unchristian, I think we should distinguish between a position and a person.  Concerning abortion, I would not hesitate to say that the "pro-choice" position is unchristian. This does not mean that I would judge that a person who advocates it cannot be a Christian.
Exactly, and thank you. But that is not the predominate vibe that hums through this forum. We as individuals and a denomination are denounced as un-Lutheran and worse. Brian and I both know people who have left the forum because of what is said about them and about our denomination. See the recent “resolution” posted by one participant who extends his condemnation to our ecumenical partners. The language concerning abortion is the worst, but language about our approach to scripture or sexuality is almost as bad, especially from certain LCMS posters, and from some who have left Lutheranism.
This is supposed to be an inter-Lutheran forum.  And one moderator dismisses more than half of American Lutheranism as unfit to be in this forum.
And Peter, “danger” is more than physical.

Your Turn / Re: Filling Future Pastoral Vacancies
« on: October 26, 2021, 02:06:20 PM »
Peter, given your views which you so frequently express, I don’t know how you can be a moderator under the auspices of the ALPB, an organization which accepts and welcomes the participation of ELCA folks as Lutherans. Because you do not. I and tmillions of my fellow members in the ELCA accept, welcome, and want to preserve our current laws concerning the availability of abortions. So do millions of Christians in our partner churches of other denominations. You declare that we are not Christians, and one of your number has a resolution declaring that you and your fellows should not even speak with us.
I don’t know why you want to be here among us, and I fear your presence will poison this place as far as other ELCA participation is concerned. Just my humble opinion.

Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
« on: October 26, 2021, 11:31:46 AM »
I didn't say all money spent on sports is wasteful. But I believe the cult of professional (and some college) sports is wasteful and a bad influence on our society. Those of us who, a few of times a year, spend money on food, travel or theater, probably don't drop the cost of a season ticket to any pro team, or four or five games watched from the left-field bleachers.

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