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The meeting of LCMS district leaders responsible for North American missions has concluded. From what my husband heard in St. Louis there is concern about internet misinformation regarding decisions related to the University Lutheran Chapel. Some statements on various blogs may in fact be slanderous.  I hope this forum is not a place where misinformation has or will be passed on.

Stating there is misinformation that may be slanderous without stating what the misinformation is, is itself slanderous.   Note, I am not claiming this about mariermeyer or her husband.   I am stating that about those making these "vague" claims of misinformation that her husband heard.   If there is sin, expose it!

Gee, back again to the original topic - the sinful sale of the ULC property by MNS - Lutheran Satire has now weighed in:

For what it's worth, I just received an email from the district office with a FAQ page on the sale of the campus properties.  I assume it was sent to everyone in the MNS district...

I just found the link to the actual letter I received. Here it is...

Here is ULC's response to this letter:

That's interesting, Deaconess - I absolutely get that in terms of the reach of the web/youtube, and the etherworld in general.  I'm on this site for the same reason you are, to engage that "world" with the Gospel of hope.  And the edgy Pr. Fisk communicates with beats and vibes that are useful and which I myself use.  This is all good.

 What I wonder about is the connection to life on the streets in Pa., that's all.  Because whatever I do here pales dramatically in comparison to hanging out with 100 sets of parents from Brooklyn who come to "Meet/Greet" nite as they did yesterday evening.  The immediacy of the personal touch and the real--life relationship is still at the heart of it as far as I'm concerned. 

There is grounds for dialog there, of course, because it's easier for me to have an online conversation with the Bklyn young people on my Facebook friends list or by text than it is to get them to communicate in person.  Weird (I think) but true.  But as I tell them, to recieve the Body and Blood of Christ at the altar, you have to show up in person.

Dave Benke
I recommend you read the following:

Pastor Fisk is the Directory of Mission Development for Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries as well as pastor of St.John Springfield.

There is the appearance of "circle the wagons" when one of our own is under fire.  And I'm not talking about folks defending Fisk - as if he honestly needed ANY defense. 
I agree with your comment.   So, what would be a better approach?

Checking young Pr. Fisk's parish assignment in Pa. at, his video skills apparently haven't yet translated into any gains in the worshiping assembly, or maybe better have grabbed time away from turning in any of that pesky data.  One never knows when that time spent commenting on goings-on in Minnesota will pay off in Pennsylvania, though. 

Dave Benke
Gee, I thought we were called to be faithful and spread the Word.   Rev. Fisk does an excellent job of using new media (YouTube) to do just that.  The numbers are up to God, not us.

I am appreciate what Rev. Fisk says in this video.  The actions of the DP and BOD at Minnesota South threaten to destroy an active town and gown ministry that is spreading the Gospel through Word and Sacrament.  Districts are supposed to serve congregations, not destroy them.  That may not be their motives, but that is the result of their actions.   Districts (and Synod) owe their existence to Congregations, not the other way around.

Rev. Fisk has just released his Friday youtube video and addresses the original issue about ULC.   Warning - he does not pull any punches.

Why couldn't the BOD wait until next year's District Convention to get their approval before selling?

This must be the answer - they want the money, and they don't want the sale stopped.   This behavior by the Board is so unChristian.

However, ULC is still trying to raise enough money to buy the property.   Seems impossible, but with God all things are possible.   So we shall see.   I made my contribution this evening.

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