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Your Turn / Plus 14
« on: September 11, 2015, 09:03:33 AM »
We remember and pray for all those who lost their lives on 9/11 in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.  May they rest safely in God's love.  Be with the families and friends who lost loved ones and with all who still carry the pain of that day in their heart.  May our Lord Jesus lead us into pathways of peace.  In Jesus name.  Amen

Your Turn / Lighter Fare: The Fair (and Christian?) Cinderella
« on: March 21, 2015, 01:32:39 PM »

After a few unsuccessful attempts in uploading this file, I've attached the link to a review of the movie, "Cinderella."  It was an interesting (and refreshing) take on the fairy tale and a bit different than the review that I read this morning panning the movie for advancing female stereotypes.  I've always found that articles, books, and DVDs coming out of Word on Fire (Fr. Robert Barron, Rector of Mundelein) worthy of taking a moment to consider. 

As our diet has been somewhat heavy for a while now on this site, thought you all might enjoy some lighter fare to consider.


Your Turn / 9/11 - Thirteen Years Later
« on: September 11, 2014, 07:38:35 AM »
May we take a moment to pray together for all who lost their lives on 9/11, for their families who grieve, for all who were there - in NY and in Washington who live with horrible memories, for all who worked and ministered at the site for many months and now face health issues both emotional and physical -- for all affected on this day, etched in our memories, may God grant peace.   

Your Turn / Mary, Mother of our Lord
« on: August 15, 2014, 02:54:31 PM »
May we take a moment today to honor Mary, Mother of our Lord.  From the Center for Liturgy (and with permission): 

a quiet, demurring handmaiden,
cried out in raucous joy,
extolling God,
singing a radical song of promise.

Spirit of God,
let us join with Mary
and declare your greatness,
and with whole heartís delight pray with her

that you give hope to the lowly, that they be lifted up,
a wealth of good food for the hungry
and your mercy for
all people in
all times.

Your Turn / Family Business
« on: May 22, 2014, 01:03:46 PM »
On a lighter topic:  "Family Business" is the title of a great article on Gretchen Mundiger - daughter of our own John Mundiger - in the June issue of THE LUTHERAN.  While I can't access it as I don't subscribe electronically, you can do so at (only a piece of the article is available to non-subscribers).  Gretchen speaks of her growing up years in the church allowing that [the church] shaped both her and her dad and said that she still sings the hymn to her kids that her dad sang to her: "I Am Jesus' Little Lamb."  She credits the consisteny of church life for seeing her through teen years, and mentions her service and appreciation of ritual and music.  Gretchen is now among us in NY and serves as Minister of Music at Gustavus Adolphus in Manhattan. She's also a diakonia student (great, great program).  John gets a nod in the article as well as in June he will be commissioned into the Montana Synod Lap Professional Associates program.  Nice work, John ;)

Your Turn / Nelson Mandela - RIP
« on: December 05, 2013, 06:53:50 PM »
It's news we've expected for months - if not longer - yet shock and grief greeted the news of the death of Nelson Mandela.  Sadly, within what seemed moments of the announcement of his death, social media was awash in a sea of hateful posts about this man.   

The ugly system of apartheid is alive only in one's memory thanks to this man.  He offered forgiveness to those who persecuted him.  May he live on through his example of love and forgiveness. 

I am hoping that we could, for a moment, set discussion aside and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for this man who changed our world for the better.

God our Father,
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives,
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
their lives change but do not end.
I pray in thanksgiving for Nelson Mandela
and for all the dead known to You.

In company with Christ,
Who died and now lives,
may they rejoice in Your kingdom,
where all our tears are wiped away.
Unite us together again in one family,
to sing Your praise forever and ever.

Your Turn / October is National Prevention of Substance Abuse Month
« on: October 02, 2013, 08:47:46 AM »
Please take a moment to read this post, even if the topic isn't of interest....

October is National Prevention of Substance Abuse Month.  Parents are the first line of defense in fighting this battle.  Yet a very close second are our pastors and church leaders.  Please check on-line to see if your town or city has an Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse.  Please find ways in which to publicize the epidemic of substance abuse in your congregations.  The age of first use is now said to be 10 years old.  Middle school.  Our township offers the Reality Tour, a play for 5-8th graders in which a young girl goes to a party, takes a drug for the first time, and overdoses.  Our EMTs and police take part in this.  The journey takes one from this first use of a drug to a funeral.  It is very powerful and it is done in many areas of the country.  Something to urge your school system to look into. 

Statistics indicate that young people who have a faith background do better in peer pressure situations.  They do better...I am not stating that they are exempt from such pressure.    I'm sharing herein my October blog for the Wayne Alliance.  There are excellent websites listed that you may offer members of your congregation on how to start the conversation with children about substance abuse.  Please feel free to use it and please, in your Prayers of the Faithful in October remember all those who suffer from substance abuse - and be an advocate.  Parents are the first line in the fight - but the church is a very close second.  Thank you!

Wayne Alliance - October Blog

tís October and our thoughts turn to crisp fall days and the kaleidoscope of red, orange, and gold leaves that adorn trees.  Some of us may remember the storms that hit our area for the past two years in October with hopes that we get by unscathed this year.

Hereís something else to think about, something very important:  October is National Prevention of Substance Abuse Month.   For some, substance abuse may conjure up images of drugs being sold on street corners, of heroin or the recent stories of Molly.  However, the most popular drugs arenít found on a street corner, theyíre right in front of your eyes in your medicine cabinet.  Among adolescents, prescription drugs are the fastest growing form of drug abuse and provide a springboard to the abuse of substances such as heroin and alcohol.   

The message this month of October is, ďBe Aware!  Become Educated!.Ē  Awareness and education are crucial.  Be aware of what is in your medicine cabinet and get rid of drugs that youíre not using (you can turn them into your drugstore).  Become educated.  Wayne Township and the Alliance will be sponsoring several events for parents and young people.  Information about these events will come from the schools and the Township.  And talk:  talk to your kids, often, even if you donít suspect anything. The sites below offer tips on talking with your kids. for tips and advice on starting conversations with your kids for parents who suspect or know their kids are using for insight into teen brain development, and for a Parent Tool Kit offering videos and articles on how to talk to your kids at any age.
For more tips, please be sure to like our Facebook page:

Your Turn / Together in Prayer
« on: April 16, 2013, 07:25:38 AM »
May we take one moment to step away from fish, forms of Biblical interpretation, dominance of LCMS or the ELCA on this Forum, et. al. and take one moment to join in prayer together for those who died in the Boston terrorist attack, those who lost limbs, those who lost their sense of well-being has been destroyed, and our country and world where hatred begets such terrible violence.  May our Lord preserve the families of those who died and all who suffer injuries and strengthen them in this time of need.   May our Lord give us the strength to show love in the face of hatred. 

Your Turn / Stations of the Cross
« on: February 27, 2013, 08:58:42 PM »
I know there are some on this forum who will absolutely no problem with WELCA's Lenten resource, "Stations of the Cross" but as one who does no support the direction of the ELCA, I think we've really gone a bit too far with this resource.  Christ's journey to the cross compared to the gay and lesbian fight for "the pursuit of justice."  Link and description follow:

Many of you know Mary Button for the resources she's written for Women of the ELCA or articles for Cafe. You also might remember art that Mary created last year during Lent that she shared widely. Mary's done it again, creating Stations of the Cross that depict the struggle of the LGBT community in the 20th and 21st centuries. Mary offers this art for your Lenten journey. 
Stations of the Cross are a series of artistic representations of the Passion of Christ, depicting the story of his death from his sentencing to the laying of his body in the tomb. The fourteen images are used devotionally during the Lenten season for prayer and reflection. They provide an opportunity for Christians to enter into the story of Christ's suffering and experience a relationship with a God who suffers with us.

This series of stations combine images depicting the struggle for LGBT equality through the 20th and 21st century. Each station illustrates the many ways in which the pursuit of justice for LGBT peoples is embedded in the history of the United States.

Your Turn / Mentor Resources
« on: October 15, 2012, 07:47:43 PM »
May I ask for your help!  We have a mentor program for our confirmation students.  We've been using a resource for about 20 years and it only covers one year.  Do any of you have any good confirmation/mentor program resources that you use for a two year program?  Or - any good resources in general?

Just to note, students and mentors meet once a month.  We have a devotion, some time together as one group (first and second year together) and then we break out into mentor/student.  We're looking for a resource to use during this one-on-one time.

Thank you all.

Your Turn / It's Not Too Late!
« on: December 19, 2011, 08:44:06 AM »
I picked up a copy of our North Jersey newspaper yesterday, The Record, and I believe I do not exaggerate when I saw it weighed more than I do.  Not that a lot has happened around here, it was simply the ads for Christmas reminding us that it's not too late - stores will be open 24 hours!

Well, as it's not too late - I have a gift idea for all of you last minute shoppers:  For All the Saints - published and can be purchased right here on this spot.  No - none of the ALPB folk nor the moderators herein have asked me to post this morning.

I have all four volumes - and I'll admit that I've used it intermittently.  This Advent, I made it a discipline to Advent devotions using this treasure.  The first two weeks were tough - not the time that it took, but the readings were, well, a bit less than comforting.   But as we move through Advent we see not only see our sin as separating us from God and His judgment - but we see the the promise of the gift of Christ, restoring us in His grace.  The prayers have been magnificent.

Like most of you, I am busy this time of year - active in the church, responsible for recruiting and scheduling worship participants (anyone want to acolyte on New Year's Day?); I do the things many do this time of year: buy gifts, wrap, write cards, and bake.  And have had two sessions of chemo.  But I've never been more at peace with all that is going on around me - and I know that going through this discipline of time set aside with God has made all the difference.

For All the Saints truly is a great devotional piece.  I may be preaching to the choir, but if you think you may need to be in Macy's at 2 a.m. (yes, they'll be open!), boot up your laptop right from your bedside and order the volumes.

Your Turn / 9/11 - Nine Years Later
« on: September 11, 2010, 07:37:38 AM »
There were numerous Facebooks postings urging one not to forget all that occurred on 9/11.  I doubt we ever will. 

Eternal rest grant unto all who perished on that day,O Lord; may light perpetual shine upon them.
May they - with all the saints - rest in peace.

May the knowledge that they rest in the arms of our Lord grant comfort to those left behind.

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