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Since so much effort is invested on this Forum on the meaning of Words - and how wildly the perceived, literal, cultural, historic meanings vary so much even within a small community like ALPB, I thought that the linked article may find some interest here.

A thought, and reminder to self: Pay/Lend/Gift/Do Attention to what others write or say, and put the best construction on that .

“The refusal of Philadelphia to contract with CSS for the provision of foster care services unless it agrees to certify same-sex couples as foster parents cannot survive strict scrutiny, and violates the First Amendment.”  Chief Justice Roberts writing in the majority opinion.  All 9 Justices were on board, with very, very slightly different concurring opinions.

Rod Dreher gives a "half right" opinion about David Brooks French view of what's wrong with America's churches:
Interesting viewpoint.

Your Turn / America is a Pagan Nation - Now What?
« on: April 19, 2021, 02:02:07 PM »
Article by a Catholic layperson thinking about the precipitous drop in claimed church membership (of all flavors, and in the Gallup polling including Synagogues and Mosques) since 2000.  His title is because of the very recent poll finding that less than 50% of polled Americans now identify as belonging to a church.

A primary conclusion is that the church(es) in America jumped off the cliff into trying to be relevant to a changing humanistic culture as a solution, rather like pouring gasoline onto a fire.

Some food for thought.

Your Turn / Dogmatic Portrayal of the Canon
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:37:33 PM »
Came across a definition of "Dogmatic Portrayal of the Canon", via Chris Krycho, from 'Word and Church: Essays in Christian Dogmatics" by John Webster (page 25ia), that might be of interest, of controversy, or quietly accepted - your call:

"Dogmatic portrayal of the canon, I suggest, involves a good deal more than offering an ecclesial gloss to a sociology of texts and their uses. It involves an account of the communicative character of the saving economy of the triune God; it involves an account of the sanctification of texts in the complex processes of their history; it involves careful theological specification of the church’s act of canonization; and it involves an account of the work of God in shaping the reader of the canon."

Your Turn / Martin Luther Would Have Ruled Twitter
« on: January 26, 2021, 08:48:34 AM »
An interesting little opinion article from afar: "Martin Luther Would Have Ruled Twitter".

No mention of who was the Pope's and Emperor's Zuckerberg censor, though...

Your Turn / In Defense of Charitable Writing
« on: December 21, 2020, 01:58:57 PM »
Something to think and pray about as Christians (and everyone else, too...) as Advent draws to the new dawn of Christmas:
Charitable Writing:

"Christian authors should not discard Christian virtues in their political writings", per author Riichard Hughes Gibson and, by reference, God!.  This includes posts on blogs, social media, discussion fora, et. al.
If anyone thinks that this is aimed at them, the Cinderella Theory applies: If the shoe fits, wear it.  Me, too.
Think and pray about this.  I will, as well.

Your Turn / Supreme Court with Justice Barrett on Board
« on: October 29, 2020, 01:12:40 PM »
Since the Confirmation Hearings are long gone, I'm starting a new thread to follow Supreme Court activity of interest, and copied my last comment from the "Confirmation Hearings" thread here.  Charles Austin suggested this a while ago, and the idea is more than ripe now, given some of the digressions on the old thread.  We'll see.  Be civil!

I've linked a very readable and interesting article prognosticating some of the possible effects of Judge Barrett's addition to the Supreme Court regarding several issues spotlighted in the confirmation hearings.  No sturm und drang or partisanship, but basic analysis from understanding the several issues and the workings of the Court.
Worth reading, in my opinion:

Your Turn / Civility in War-Time
« on: October 10, 2020, 10:19:19 AM »
A thought provoking article on Civility, written by Elizabeth Corey, "Civility in War-Time", at the link.
Is "civility" a Christian virtue, a public virtue?  Recommended reading.

Your Turn / Ecclesial Plurality
« on: July 21, 2020, 10:03:21 AM »
In an article written a few years ago, Alan Jacobs addresses his thinking about Ecclesial Plurality.  I dug it out of the archive (well, he did) because the amazingly frustrating discussions on this Forum about Biblical interpretation are given some light (or shade, depending upon the self-determined absolutism of many).  This may fall into the "If the shoe fits, wear it" tag:

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