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Your Turn / “United Lutheran Mission Association” Wha?
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:41:53 PM »
I got a letter and brochure from the “United Lutheran Mission Association” whose byline is “To establish traditional Lutheran congregations wherever God opens a door”.  My analysis is this is NOT an LCMS groups, but describes itself as Waltherian.

I received the letter because I am on Emeritus status and they wonder if this is voluntary.  They say many LCMS Emeritus Pastors would love to be serving a congregation but have perhaps been retired without their full cooperation.  Really?  I guess this could happen....I deliberately worked myself out of a job as parish and high school took on a new and never done before type of arrangement and I set up my successor to be Pastor of the congregation and Chaplain and theology teacher at the high school.  Anyway....sorry for the wife tells me I do it in sermons and conversations, and my college students loved my tangents because they weren’t testable material.....

Going back to ULMA, they list a “Walther Seminary” in Decatur, IL, where the correspondence originates.  They describe wanting to plant old-style LCMS congregations or find Emeritus LCMS Pastors to serve their vacancies.

Anyone else get this?  What say all y’all?  Oh, GO PACKERS!

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